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Lakshmi Hd Movie In Hindi Download Utorrent

Both their families are against the marriage. Ajay and Vijay love each other and fall in love. Plot Rohini Kumar is in search of her husband, who is stuck somewhere in California. An Indian court official, Bala Pal, helps Rohini by finding Vijay Kumar and taking him along with her. But he is arrested and he escapes from jail. Later, he gets married to Rohini and they have a son. Ajay goes to California to find his father. He is born there to Raj Babbar and Reena Roy. Meanwhile, Rohini's son Ajay comes to Mumbai with her. He has to seek the help of his Uncle Bala Pal to get money for education. Here the story goes into flashback mode. Somebody from his village had sent Ajay to the village to fetch money for the bride of his cousin, Vijay. Ajay is accompanied by Raj Babbar, his uncle and their dog named "Chintamani". They are all hungry. On their way to the village, they meet a Muslim bus with passengers travelling from one village to another. Ajay goes inside the bus to inquire about the way to the village. Suddenly, there is a big fight between the passengers and the driver, as the Muslims were objecting to the lewd activities of his wife, who is also a Muslim, with the driver. Ajay's uncle gets his pistol out and the crowd disperses. Bala Pal is happy to hear that his nephew Ajay is with them, because he thinks that Ajay will help him to find his runaway wife, Rohini, and take her back to India. Ajay likes his wife, Kalyani (who is also Muslim), very much and his uncle's plan is to take them both to the village, where the minister is waiting for them. Meanwhile, Raj Babbar meets his daughter-in-law, Rohini, and he asks her to come to India. She thinks that she will be sent back to India soon, but Raj Babbar takes her and her son to America, where Rohini's husband, Vijay, is waiting for her. Rohini and Ajay meet Vijay and they fall in love. Ajay, who is also in love with Kalyani, gets angry when he is told that he must marry Kalyani. He tries to kill Raj Babbar, but he is saved by Bala Pal, the uncle, who thinks that Ajay

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